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4 oktober 2020

doopsgezind WereldWerk I

... van de secretaris; We hebben afgelopen vrijdag kort gesproken over jullie vraag m.b.t. de actie in Drachten voor Iran. We hebben besloten om de actie te ondersteunen, c.q. opbrengst te verdubbelen tot een maximum van €500.

Hieronder een engelstalige verantwoording;
My friend Doug Hostetter called my attention to the Mennonite peace network that since long ago has extended into so called enemy countries such as Iran. Doug and another colleague, Ed Martin, are connecting to a variety of friends in Iran, many that they have known for a number of years. Some of these people are doing courageous work in the real world of the COVID-19 pandemic, They are working against the US-imposed sanctions that leave them  cut off from foreign assistance, despite the real need their people are facing.
Doug and Ed are part of an ecumenical group that has formed in the USA as Luke 10 Yahad Co. (based on the story of the Good Samaritan) to try to raise and channel assistance to Iran under these tragic and difficult circumstances. The Luke 10 network has identified one viable channel for sending support, Moms Against Poverty, which has a US government license permitting it to provide humanitarian support to Iran despite the US government sanctions. The North American Mennonite constituency has already sent approximately $25,000 worth of support to Iran through Moms Against Poverty.
In sharing this story and its call with our Mennonite friends here in the Netherlands I found ready willingness to contribute with a material gift of €1000 and also a public word of prayer and gesture of solidarity - ‘Mennonite Drachten Ureterp’ and ‘doopsgezind WereldWerk’ sharing equally the amount.

separaat een knipsel uit Iran
Jacob Schiere (rev 201007)

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