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25 februari 2020

bericht uit Zambia


Henk en Sophia
Good morning how are you together with the family here we are very fine.
I just want to brief you on how I did my practical's in Lusaka, everything went well I was a chipata hospital in Lusaka for 10 days, 5 days I was doing day shift and 5 night shift, the other 6 days I was at UTH in Lusaka doing day shift,
in our practical we were doing these.
2.Wound cleaning and dressing 
3.Injection giving at different sites
5.Blood withdraw{phlebotomy}
6.Collection of samples
This is what we were doing we were also told to continue doing practical at our various places if we are staying near hospitals or clinics. our first semester opens on 10th March 2020. they have also introduce online classes so we do learn online everyday Monday to Friday from 20:00hours to 22:00hours 2 courses a day.
Thanks so much for your tireless work you are doing to so many people in this world God will never forget you may our lovely heavenly God richly bless you.
greetings Christopher Sakala

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